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Lifting tools

We offer an individual lifting tool set designed to make it easier to strip the coating plates. This set includes 4 different lifting tools, each of which has its own benefits and area of application. The set also includes a special cutting knife. This special knife is designed for adjusting the cutting depth quickly and precisely, which prevents damage to the carrier layer.

Gloss meter

The gloss tester RGF-HG60S is a measuring device for measuring gloss on different materials. It does so by recording the amount of light reflected during the measurement. The light is emitted by the gloss tester. The surface on which the light is shone will then both reflect and absorb part of the light. The gloss tester subsequently uses the reflected light to calculate the gloss level and displays it clearly on the TFT display.

Cleaning brush

The best way to maintain your anilox roller is with our specially developed stainless steel brush. For perfect results, simply brush the roller in circular movements.

Coating cleaner

Our specially developed coating cleaner is suitable for daily use and ensures that your STRIP PLATE® and anilox roller will be free from any residues and perfectly cared for. It has been specially develop to the extend our product’s service life and reliability . Suitable for UV and water-based coatings.

ADC Spray

The deep cleaner for anilox rollers reliably cleans and cares for your anilox roller. This cleaner will produce perfect results, increase our products service life and is supplied in a compact spray tin. Suitable for UV and water-based coatings.

Anilox Power Cleaner

We recommend using our Anilox Power Cleaner after cleaning your anilox roller with our coating cleaner. This ensures that it is perfectly clean and increases its service life. Suitable for UV and water-based coatings.