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Compressible underpacking

Compressible underpacking for STRIP PLATE® coating plates

Coating plates are usually provided with flexible underpacking in order to achieve the required packing height. The underpacking has to be newly fitted every time the coating form is changed. Using a coating form cylinder base unit cuts the time and effort required for replacing the underpacking to a minimum because it can be left on your coating form cylinder for a longer period (generally at least six months). This means that you will only have to change the coating plate, which will save a lot of time. The base unit also protects your coating forms and compensates for differences in thickness. This has a positive effect on the quality of your coating result. The base unit will be custom-made to your specifications.

Main features

  • Easy to use
  • Custom-made
  • Protects the coating blanket
  • Absorbs vibrations
  • Reduces damage caused by creases
  • Long service life

Uncoated version

  • Perfect for use when working with coating forms of different thicknesses
  • Is clamped or inserted between cylinder surface and coating form like standard underpacking

Self-adhesive version

  • Perfect for use when always working with the same coating form thickness
  • Only needs to be aligned once and bonded to the cylinder
  • Excellent adhesion properties, but can be easily removed again

Technical data

  • Construction 3-ply, compressible
  • Cover plate ground microfine, 0.7 μm, 76° Shore A, microhardness 68°
  • Compressibility 6.5 % at 100 N/cm2
  • Elongation <0.70 % at 10 N/mm
  • Tensile strength > 60 N/mm
  • Thickness 1.20 mm to 2.10 mm