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Spot Coat®

Self-adhesive films for coating cut-outs

SPOT COAT is suitable for the direct and indirect application of coating in offset machines through inking units or water tanks. SPOT COAT has been developed for use on offset machines with coating units. SPOT COAT is designed to create cut-outs for simple partial coatings in the packaging and commercial printing sector. The self-adhesive films are a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for producing partially coated packaging materials.

Suitable for use on offset presses with coating units. Can be used with water-based or UV coatings can be used - the surface is suitable for both. The ink-repellent surface makes prevents ink build-up. The shore hardness is 75° Shore A at a film thickness of 0.95 mm, which is good relief height and just the height needed on coating machines. The film can be bonded to an aluminium plate or to polyester foil as required. The transparent film makes it easy to trace the relevant shape for the cut-outs, i.e. when placed on a copy of an offset plate, the shapes will clearly visible. When using polyester films as a base plate, the film will be fully transparent when placed on a light table.


With SPOT COAT, the coating forms are created in the same way as for all films. The SPOT COAT film must be bonded to a printed, degreased offset plate, which will make the shapes for the cut-outs easy to see, and allow the film to be accurately cut and pulled off. Remove any burrs using a folding tool or similar. The film has excellent adhesion properties.

Instructions for bonding the film to a plate:

Our self-adhesive films are soft and flexible, which makes it easy to bond them to plates without trapping any air when proceeding as described below:

  1. Cut a section of film of the required size off the roll.
  2. Attach a strip of double-sided 12 or 18 mm-wide adhesive tape onto a cardboard sleeve, as parallel to the centre of the sleeve as possible.
  3. Next, attach the self-adhesive SPOT COAT film to the double-sided adhesive tape and roll the film completely onto the sleeve.
  4. Peel off approx. 5 cm of the backing paper off the edge without cutting it off and attach it to the plate 5 cm from the film. Please note that the backing paper side must be on the top.
  5. Get another person to pull off the backing while evenly rolling the film out onto the plate, to which it then bonds. When proceeding as described above, it is virtually impossible to trap any air between the film and plate. Please use a sleeve with a diameter of 75 mm as sleeves with larger diameters are difficult to handle.