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Strip Plate UV Black® 135

Spot coating plate for partial coating for offset printing machines.


In-line printing machines: Coating units
Packing thickness: Bearer height
Printing substrates: Paper, cardboard, IML
Coatings: UV coatings and dispersion
Cleaning agents: Water, conventional (recommendation: Strip Plate Coating Cleaner)


Carrier: Polyester 0,35 mm
Top: 100 % pure PVC, thickness 1.00 mm
Colour: Black
Production method: Stamped
Roughness (Ra): 0.8 - 1.2 μm
Microhardness: 67° Shore A
Physical properties: Total hardness 70° Shore A
Tensile strength > 2700 N/50 mm
Elongation at 500 N/50 mm <0.5 %
Loss of thickness during clamping and shrinkage <1%
Stripping properties: Relief depth: 1,00 mm
Separating force: 3.75 N/cm (± 1.25)
Thickness: Nominal thickness: 1.35 mm (± 0.05 mm)
Plane-parallelism (max 1 m2): ±0.015 mm

Product details / features

Hydrophilic thermoplastic stripping layer

  • Low ink build-up on coating transfer areas
  • Low cleaning agent consumption, easy and quick to clean

Deep relief (1.00 mm) - perfectly transfers coating to any shape

  • Low ink build-up at cut-out areas
  • Low paper waste due to spoilt sheets

Special stripping technology

  • Controlled and consistent separating force requirements within a plate and from production to production
  • Quick and easy to strip

Highly stable polyester carrier (0.35 mm)

  • Register is not pushed out of place during clamping and production
  • Can be reused many times for repeat orders
  • 2-ply polyester that prevents the carrier from breaking