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Storage of coating plates

The coating plates should before stripping be stored for at least 24 hrs. in room temperature.

  • The ideal storage temperature is between 18-22 °C / 65-72°F
  • The humidity should be between 50-55%.
  • Protect the coating plate from light and moisture.
  • Shelf life under recommended conditions will be one year.
  • Please the coating plate flat stored and not rolled !!!

Cutting and stripping instructions of the STRIP PLATE®

  • Cutting into the blue top layer, please don´t damage the carrier foil with the knife.
  • Dont take a dull knife. If you cut the plate manually we recommend to take a metal ruler.
  • Best peel results you will have when you cut max. 5 cm stripes before peeling.
  • Raise the stripe with the tool and start to peel slowly in a flat angle for an optimal result.
  • Fast Pulling away of the top layer could deform or destroy the carrier foil.

Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.