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The most common issue with UV varnishing

According to the experience of many operators in the world, the most common issue with UV varnishing is when (during printing) the polymer (or toplayer) becomes loose from the polyester layer. The origine of the issue is caused during plotting or cutting into the second, or polyester layer. It’s important to cut (or plot) only the exact thickness of the toplayer, and do not cut into the polyester layer. When plotting or cutting into the polyester layer, the uv varnish may creap between the two layers and will disolves the glue that keeps both layers together.

Also when the cut is not deep enough you can experience problems.

When stripping (or removing of) the top layer it could happen that some „to be printed“ parts are lifted from the polyester layer. In such cases you should press down these parts again onto the polyester layer. In addtion place the coating plate on a warm surface (not higher than 25° to 50 °C) for a period of about 30 to 60 minuntes, this will activate the glue and stick both the polymer and the polyester together.

This is just a recommendation and we are not liable in case this method would not work.