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Introduction & history Strip Plate® USA

First off, let us thank you for this opportunity to introduce our company and products. Strip Plate® USA is the daughter concern and legal subsidiary for Coating Plates and Products of Strip Plate® Austria for the Americas.

Strip Plate® originally hails from Germany where it was founded by Mr Nessmann himself in 1987, the inventor of the first polyester based varnishing plate on the market, as “Nessmann Strip Plate“. That was more than 30 years ago, long before many of the other manufacturers today started to become available into the market.

In 2015, Mr. Andre‘ Rabl purchased the intellectual rights, technology, production process & machines to continue with the manufacturing and sales from Austria.

At this time, Mr. Rabl rebranded the product name to Strip Plate® located in Schrems, Austria.

In homage of this influentual persona, it was decided to keep a tribute to Mr. Nessman in the current logo – the red Diamond emblazoned with the capital "N“.

In 2020, Strip Plate® saw the need & opportunity to expand into the Americas and elected to open a new office in the US which has sales and service responsibilities with exclusivity for North, Central and South America.

Our "Strip Plate®" name and portfolio of products, although sold successfully worldwide, are not necessarily a household name in the Americas. However, please do not let that concern you as our offerings are comparable, or in most cases - superior, to the current coating plate products in the market today.

On this point we would be willing to prove, as we are quite certain that we have a world class coating product portfolio for both direct or indirect applications, that will deliver exceptional performance versus other manufacturers and our main reason for initiating a presence in US.

A very unique positive feature of our polymer coating plates is that during the manufacturing process, we apply a “special“ surface layer that repels the build up of ink. This advantageous step will impede ink or debris from building up on the coating plate surface during the print run and sequentially, the reduced surface build up extends time between washes which translates into decreased downtime and production cost.

Another optimal key feature is the utilization of a polyester bottom carrier. The benefit of this layer is the coating plate has more dimensional stability than a conventional fabric backed blanket and will not stretch or distort. This stable surface allows the operator the ability to reuse the coating plate over and over again without deformation. Feedback acquired from the market reported that the life time of our coating plates can be up to +500,000 impressions with conventional inks & approximately +100,000 impressions with UV.

Our "Strip Plate®" bottom polyester carrier is developed to be sturdy yet flexible and more resistant from sheer under extreme methods when removing PVC / Rubber layers when stripping.

A final advantageous benefit between a polymer / polyester coating plate versus a rubber / fabric coating blanket is the consistent plate thickness will deliver a more consistent varnish film transfer between the plate & substrate and thus, better gloss results and savings on the overall varnish consumption as well.

Listed below are the countries which we are currently active in:

  • Commonwealth of Australia
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • Republic of Bulgaria
  • Federal Republic of Germany
  • France
  • Greece
  • State of Israel
  • Republic of India
  • Italy
  • Croatia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Switzerland
  • Serbia
  • Slovak Republic
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Kingdom of Thailand
  • Czech Republic
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom


Additional key Features, Advantages & Benefits of Strip Plate® Coating Products:

  • The Strip Plate® coating plate was the first plate based on PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) on the market. Nessman introduced this back in 1987
  • All our products are ISEGA certified & can be utilized in food packaging applications
  • Exceptional coating characteristcs designed for use in the Cosmetics, Food, General, Pharmaceutical and High Quality “Top Shelf“ Packaging applications
  • Our “Poly“ offering is our universal coating plate that can be utilized with both UV and water based coatings
  • Our “Polarflex“ offering is a new product developed & designed especially for the packaging industry. It is a bit more softer so that it can push the varnish into the pores of the cardboard and has a texturized surface to inhibit “Orange Peel“ effect. Also can be utilized with UV and water based coatings
  • We have developed and are currently in the field testing phase of a newer rubberized / polyester offering – “Top Coat“ - which addresses dimensional requirements on all larger format presses and is tentatively scheduled to be available in the market by January 2021
  • Our standard gauges are 0.045“ (1.15mm), 0.053“ (1.35mm) & 0.077“ (1.95mm). In some applications other gauges are available where commonly specified
  • Our Polymer plates do not “wick“ solvents unlike fabric backed products
  • Our Polymer Plates cut cleaner and are more consistent than fabric backed products with no fibrous “hairs“ remaining on the cut edges which tends to be advantageous for the more complex detail coating requirements
  • Our unique sales feature is a specially produced surface finish, which impedes ink build up or downline back-trapping. We are one of the few manufacturers that can boast this feature
  • Our innovative reinforced polyester base layer withstands extreme sheer force when stripping and detrimental cracking over time & as a result, delivers longer life time, increased durability and ability to reuse with repeat jobs through dimensional stability
  • Superior register perfromance versus Fabric Backed Rubber coating blankets which tend to stretch over repetitive use & time
  • Strip Plate® full range of Coating Products offers Polyester or Aluminimum (KR) base carriers; in addition to an adhesive backed version (Spot Coat)
  • The varnish transfer (splitting) is 80 %

Performance results are determined and influenced by the following of the recommended OEM preventive maintenance performed, correct set up and utilization of the machine & substrates introduced, as well as the agressiveness of the chemicals utilized in the production process.

We are aggressively searching for partners with logistics and sales capabilities to work cooperatively through our affiliate company in US to enable us to gain market share and increase our product visibility.

For more info please visit or reach out to us at:

Strip Plate® Management


Strip Plate USA LLC
284 East Lake Mead Parkway
Suite C # 424
Henderson, NV 89015